About Dr. Guglielmetti

About Dr. Stef Guglielmetti

Dr. Guglielmetti Johannesburg ophthalmologistDr. Guglielmetti is known as one of the leading laser eye surgeons in Johannesburg. His exceptional abilities and advanced surgical technology allow him to provide each of his patients with treatment specifically tailored to them. He is one of the only laser eye surgeons in South Africa to offer PRK and TransPRK as options for patients who do not qualify for traditional LASIK in South Africa. Close to 80 percent of his patients are in need of an alternative to LASIK after being turned away by other surgeons.

A highly respected eye surgeon, Dr. Guglielmetti has many years of training and experience. He is currently a consultant ophthalmologist at the University of Johannesburg Optometry Department in addition to running his private practice. He has received specialized ophthalmic training in areas such as cataract surgery, glaucoma, and corneal surgery. He performs LASIK using the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S excimer laser, which is less invasive and can treat a wider range of patients. He also offers screenings for diabetic retinopathy and treatment of other conditions such as macular degeneration and dry eye.

Dr. Guglielmetti and his staff pride themselves on their patients’ satisfaction. Every person seeking vision correction at his practice receives the utmost in patient care. He strives to stay on the leading edge of laser eye surgery and vision enhancement. Dr. Guglielmetti continues to participate in research aimed at furthering vision correction techniques and has made numerous medical presentations across South Africa and abroad.