JHB Vision Patient Reviews

If you are looking for one of the best eye doctors in Johannesburg, South Africa, visit Dr. Stef Guglielmetti at JHB Vision Clinic. Dr. Guglielmetti has helped countless patients improve their vision without the help of glasses or contact lenses. Read our patient reviews below to learn more about some of his many successful Johannesburg LASIK surgeries and other vision correction procedures.

I am a patient of Dr Stef. He has changed my life into something special. I had pain and limited vision in my left eye. I now have no more pain and good vision. He has the patience of job with his professional and friendly manner.

Thank you most sincerely,
Peter Hanley

Hi Dr Stef,

I depend heavily on good vision in both my professional and social life. I am a nature guide/ranger/professional hunter and am also involved in the family business of taming and training elephant for elephant back safaris. My hobbies and interest include horse polo, birding and adventure sports. For the majority of those activities I found glasses extremely frustrating because they got in my way and often fell off; contact lenses were also a hassle because the conditions I spend most my life in are dusty and and I suffer from hay fever causing itchy, teary eyes! I found myself preferably trying to deal with the poor vision rather than wearing glasses or contacts. So about 7 months ago decided to undergo correctional laser surgery and have never looked back since! It has completely changed my life for the better – I’m able to perform my jobs and hobbies without the hassle I’d been experiencing previously. Most of all I was astonished by the day to day improvements that I was not expecting. For example, I had learnt to depend on large visible landmarks to find my way around town and after the op I’m able use street name signs that I’d previously ignored because I couldn’t read them; I’m able to watch rugby matches in televisions in pubs without having to squint to see the score and how much time was left in the game; I’m able to recognize people from a distance and I’m amazed at the number of stars and the various colors of the stars in the night sky. The whole procedure was completely worth it and I’m extremely grateful that I was able to have it done.

Mike Hensman

During August 2011, I was privileged enough to have my LASIK surgery done by Dr. Stef after a friend who is also an ophthalmologist recommended him.
My own surgery was completed one month after Ben Britz (my husband) had his LASIK surgery done by Dr. Guglielmetti.
We are both very thrilled with the result, because we now have perfect vision without the aid of contact lenses or glasses. I can now enjoy my view without having it tinted or tainted!
I subsequently recommended Dr. Stef to not only my friends but also my brother and Barend is very pleased to be rid of his multifocals!
Thanks so much Dr. Stef and I am confident that you will be blessing many more clients with either enhanced or perfect sight.

Natasha Britz

Good morning Dr Stef

I am typing this letter sitting comfortably in my chair without any glasses. A possibility that prior to me meeting you was only a dream as all the optometrist that I have met before has told me it is impossible to have this operation for people that are farsighted. Today I can honestly say that I am recommending this operation to everybody that I see wearing glasses. It has certainly changed my life and I am sure that I will never look back.

I really appreciate your professional approach to finding a solution to my site problem. Explaining everything in detail and giving me the different options is exactly what I needed to put my mind at ease before making the decision.
Giving me the assurance with the multiple crosschecking of my eyes prescription and also taking care of the redness in my eyes before you did the operation showed me that you are not in this business purely to make money but more so to help people like myself better their site and quality of life.

The hardest part of this procedure is convincing yourself that it is not a dream and you can actually read everything and anything.

Thank you once again for the wonderful gift.

Kind regards,
Barend van Heerden

Hi my name is Trevor. Age 40, a male living a normal lifestyle amongst millions people. Unfortunately there is one thing that made me different to most of them. I wore glasses.

Since I was in standard eight I have been wearing glasses, at first it was new and exciting but over the years as my eyes deteriorated and the glasses became thicker I started to dislike them intensely. They limited my lifestyle like when doing sports of any kind or even scuba diving, especially walking round on the beach with prescription glasses rather than a nice pair of Oakley’s. So in January 2012 I decided to have laser on my eyes, I went for the pre-check to see if I was a valid candidate and the
next day it was done. My left eye was a success, but my right eye needed some extra care.

This is where I met Dr Steph, I was referred to him by my doctors that had done the first laser. I visited him for the first appointment and had a brief consult and then had to go to the eye clinic for further testing. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. He said he would phone me and let me know what the following steps would be. About a week later he called and
explained the process that we were going to follow. I t seemed to me that he actually cared about his patients as I never needed to do any follow ups. I had the second procedure and decided to wait a few months as a rest period. I was very impressed to see that before I could make a booking his offices phoned me to see how things were and to make the next booking.

I would like to say that in this day and age with so much bad service out there it really is good to see a professional service being available. Dr Steph (as nobody can pronounce his surname properly…lol) has always been professional and welcoming. As a leading professional in his field,(not only do I hold him in high esteem, but so do the nurses at the eye clinic.) I feel that his practise is successful because of the very high level of commitment that he offers.

To end and commit to all that I have said here, I need two more procedures to my eyes and I am very happy to leave it in the capable hands of Dr Steph.

Thanks Dr Steph